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Karen Millie-James

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Diary Date for Thursday 15th March 2019 

Karen will be speaking to the ladies of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs about her life as a business women, author and what inspires her. 

Where In The Dark

Two envelopes. Two Holocaust survivors. Two anonymous bearer bonds each worth one million pounds. Corporate forensic investigator, Cydney Granger, with help from beyond the grave, enters a world previously unknown to her to unravel the truth behind a web of secrets, lies corruption, blackmail and hidden Nazi loot as new horrors of the Third Reich come to light.

Still struggling to come to terms with the apparent death of her husband, Captain Steve Granger, five years’ earlier Cydney puts her personal feelings to one side and is determined to bring justice to an esaped Nazi criminal, Adolf Weissmuller, living under the assumed name of Albert Whiteman, whose son is about to run for the US presidency. Can Albert ever make amends for his crimes against humanity, or are some actions beyond forgiveness…

Will Cydney, along with her trusted and tough protector, former sergeant, Sean O’Connell, also uncover the truth surrounding her husband?

The consequences of Cydney’s investigations, stretching back before WWII, are far reaching with the potential to bring down a banking dynasty as she faces insurmountable odds from which there is only one final solution.

The dramatic follow-up to The Shadows Behind Her Smile, a compelling debut which takes the reader from the heart of Cydney’s corporate world to the ruins of war-torn Damascus and where men will stop at nothing to acheive their goals.

You can order the book in all formats here


***** Reviews

Where in the Dark is an incredible suspense/thriller, but at a higher level with a complex plot and extremely complex characters. I absolutely loved The Shadows Behind Her Smile and have been anxiously awaiting this follow-up! Karen-Millie James crafted very detailed sub-plots that not only enhance the story but make it completely fascinating. Don’t get me wrong, this is a difficult read at times and not a novel that you will breeze through quickly. However, everything is tied together seamlessly as she slowly reveals the whole picture.

Something I enjoy and respect about Millie-James’ writing is her characterization. Regardless of how secondary a character appears, her writing ensures that you can see and hear this character, in addition to knowing a great deal about them. There are no blanks or question marks after reading this novel or her previous novel, based on her impeccable character development.

On a personal note, I have even more respect for the author and her writing because of the amount of research that went into this novel. Being that I am in the United States and in Virginia (right next door to West Virginia, for those not from the U.S.), Karen Millie-James asked me questions that seemed so mundane, yet it all made since once I read the novel, such as, “what would someone in West Virginia call their father and grandfather? or What do you know about West Virginia politics?)

Not only is the novel outstanding, but it is based on research, as well as, personal family history of Karen Millie-James and her ancestors. Anyone interested in an intelligent, thought-provoking suspense/crime thriller, Where in the Dark should be placed at the top of your TBR.


Karen Millie-James crafted very detailed sub-plots that not only enhance the story but make it completely fascinating

Anyone interested in an intelligent, thought-provoking suspense/crime thriller, Where in the Dark should be placed at the top of your TBR.


Great sequel like The Shadows Behind Her Smile couldn’t put it down this new writer just gets better. The continuation of the paranormal intervention into Cydney Granger’s investigations links to the corruption in the Nazi Party in WWII into politics and the corporate world, the harrowing stories of the holocaust makes compelling reading.


This is the second in the Cydney Granger series – really good read, nice touch on history that we should all remember. Well worth download


Brilliantly researched. A gripping read.


A skillfully composed and gripping thriller which holds the reader’s attention from start to finish. Karen Millie James’ style and detailed plot and sub plot is a terrific read – can’t wait for more from this talented author!



Sunday 1st October:

I joined Clare Balding on BBC Radio 2 to talk about my latest novel, “Where in the Dark”. She was absolutely delightful.