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Karen Millie-James


Interview with Francene Stanley

I’d like to introduce a writer who presents a different slant on the law.

Hello, Karen Millie-James.

Do you want your reader to come away from reading your book with a strong message? If so, what is it?

I am not sure if my book has a message. The title indicates that the protagonist, Cydney Granger, has things in her past which are constant reminders to her of pain and tragedy, but she smiles through it and does not give anything away. The second meaning is of course the shadows of spirit around her with whom she can communicate.

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Interview with A. B. Funkhauser


If this were a Twitter pitch party, you would squeeze your tag line into a 140 characters. Would you like to try?

Transported from the boardroom to war-torn Damascus, the suspense erupts with a background of romance and a hint of the paranormal

Who are your main characters?

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