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Karen Millie-James


Karen Millie-James was born in North London to a father who had escaped Germany with the kindertransport in 1939 and a mother who was a talented window dresser and designer in London’s West End. Inspired to do well, Karen studied business and languages at the University of Westminster which led to her joining the legal department of Levi Strauss, quickly being promoted to European Group Company Secretary where she remained until the company closed down its UK headquarters.

For the following ten years, Karen worked for a multi-discipline organisation in Central London but it was always Karen’s dream to set up her own consultancy which she did twenty-three years ago.

Now Karen is widely recognised internationally as an expert in the corporate field and she sits on many boards of directors in an advisory capacity. A couple of years ago she was asked to mentor MBA students at the University of Westminster on a voluntary basis to which she agreed with much pleasure.

Karen never intended to write a book but what started as a hobby in her spare time away from the office, working in the evenings until late into the night and at weekends, has now become a new and exciting part of her life. Writing The Shadows Behind Her Smile has become her passion made easier due to her background in business, literature and linguistics and having a vivid imagination.

Karen now lives in the Buckinghamshire countryside with her husband of three years and their three dogs. She still works full-time in her business but the remainder is spent writing, playing tennis, going to the theatre and travelling, and having quality time with her daughter who is a professional singer.